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  • South Africans dominate Joburg Open’s leaderboard

    27 February 2015
  • Residents have rights and responsibilities

    26 February 2015
  • Window to Jozi's holiday and lifestyle options

    26 February 2015
  • Top golfers impart skills to Alex youths

    26 February 2015
  • Ratepayers hold the City to account

    25 February 2015
  • Jozi’s eco guides plant seeds of green culture

    25 February 2015
  • Vote now to show your love for a greener Joburg

    25 February 2015
  • Heavyweights take part in Joburg Open’s Pro-Am

    25 February 2015
  • Platform to grow Africa’s business tourism industry

    24 February 2015
  • Plans to revitalise Alex and Kliptown

    24 February 2015
  • Preparations at an advanced stage for Joburg Open

    23 February 2015
  • All systems go for Meetings Africa

    23 February 2015
  • Chinese New Year Lights up Jozi skies

    23 February 2015
  • City remembers fallen Mendi heroes

    23 February 2015
  • Joburg Open back in the swing of things

    20 February 2015
  • State-of-the-art clinic for Ennerdale

    20 February 2015
  • Plan to formalise backyard dwellings

    19 February 2015
  • Officials welcome gift to Soweto learners

    18 February 2015
  • City to probe property rates evaluation concerns

    18 February 2015
  • City officials engage ratepayers

    18 February 2015
  • City’s broadband network - A game changer

    18 February 2015
  • Global cargo logisticians pick Jozi for events

    18 February 2015


Be smart


Once you are registered, you must link your account number to your profile by entering the PIN Number printed on your most recent statement.

Select the specific meter on your account and enter the reading.

We do check the consumption against your consumption history, and if your reading is particularly high or low, you will need to give us a reason for the difference.

Your reading will be accepted, but will be verified by our meter readers.

Your reading will stay in the system until the next billing cycle. Your reading will then be used to bill you.

You can enter multiple readings during the month, we will keep a history of all the readings, but only the latest one at the time of billing will be used.

The best time to submit your meter readings is about 15 days before the payment due date. So if your due date is the 1st, then your reading should be recorded on the 15th of the previous month.

icity service provider, has a novel approach to business – it tries very hard to get you to use less power. With the ever-increasing need to conserve the planet’s scare resources and cut down on activities that cause pollution, City Power is ever aware of the need to encourage consumers to “think green”.

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IDP, Budget & SDBIP

1. The 2014/15 review of the

City of Johannesburg's
Integrated Development Plan 

1.1. 2012/16 Intergrated
Development Plan
1.2. 2014/15 Review

2. The 2014/15 Medium Term

3.  Service Delivery Budget &

Implementation Plan

 3.1 2014/15(SDBIP)


Annual Performance Report
for the period 1 July 2011
to 30 June 2012

IDP insert (budget speech)

Public notices

2015 Rates Property Rates Policy Review Public Meetings

Property owners and interested parties are invited and encouraged to get involved in the drafting of the 2015/16 Property Rates Policy. Submissions can be made up until 29/02/2015.Public meetings will be held in the following regions. Click here. We look forward to your valued input and sincerely do hope that you will attend. To view the current, Rates Policy, click here
Comments can be emailed to 

Region A: RSDF



Applying for residential tariffs for Property Owners who are billed at a business rates tariffs 

PROPERTY owners who are being billed at a business property rate tariff can apply to the City’s rates and taxes department to be charged at residential rates. Completed Individual Application can be emailed to: , or dropped off at the nearest City's walking Customer Service Centre. Rates Policy
2014 Application for Pensioner Rebate on Property Rates
*The city of Johannesburg is inviting new pensioners to apply for property rates rebate as well as reminding existing pensioners to re-apply for the rebate. 

70 Years and Older Pension Rebate on Property Rates

*The City is inviting pensioners, age 70 and above to apply for 100% property rates rebate. Kindly, email the relevant documents to or Fax to 011 727 0189.
70 Years and Older Pensioner Form [PDF, 38.52kb]

Do you as a new property owner know how to get your Property Rates Account created?
*Change of ownership[PDF,101kb]