​​The Executive Mayor, Cllr Herman Mashaba

The ​Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba

In January 2016, Mayor Mashaba decided to run for the role of Mayor of the City of Johannesburg where he has lived and worked for two decades. 

Known for being a successful businessman, rather than a politician, his decision to join politics was motivated by his desire to use political office to give South Africans access to opportunities which would allow them to make a success of themselves.

Mayor Herman Mashaba grew up in poverty in GaRamotse, Hammanskraal. He lost his father at a young age and his mother was a domestic worker who worked away from home in Johannesburg for months on end, just to put food on their table.

Not having a home of their own, his family was forced to live in the homes of migrant workers while they were away working in Joburg. While this was not the most stable environment, it gave Herman a sense of personal independence from a young age.

Despite the mechanisations of the Apartheid government denying him access to his preferred field of study and career, Mayor Mashaba has since emerged as one of South Africa’s top business minds, founding and running the successful hair-care product brand, ‘Black Like Me’.

Due to his leadership and success in the business sector, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration from the Central University of Technology in 2013.

He has served as director of companies in the construction, real estate, retail and energy fields prior to entering politics as the mayoral candidate for the Democratic Alliance.

Following the local government elections of 2016, he was elected Mayor of Joburg on 22 August 2016 with the support of the DA’s coalition partners and the EFF.

Mayor Mashaba’s multi-party coalition government is commitment to getting the basics of service delivery right and delivering positive change to the lives of residents throughout Johannesburg. 

Guiding this commitment for better lives for residents are 5 strategic pillars:
Growing the economy and creating jobs – we want to reach 5% economic growth within the City by 2021; 
Enhancing residents’ quality of life by improving services and taking care of the environment; 
Advancing pro-poor development that provides meaningful redress; 
building caring, safe and secure communities; and 
Instituting an honest, responsive and productive government.