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​​The Executive Mayor, Cllr Jolidee Matongo
​​Cllr. Jolidee Matongo is the City of Johannesburg's Executive Mayor. He is the former MMC for Finance in the City.
His record of insight and ongoing commitment to serve with the utmost efficiency and accountability in the local government sphere, saw him appointed a Strategic Support Advisor in the Johannesburg Office of the MMC for Finance in 2011.
This was the role that saw him become part of the Johannesburg leadership that prioritised socio-economic transformation in the city through partnerships with communities, business, academic institutions and civil society in the delivery of municipal services.

The same leadership team led to the municipality scoring positive ratings by both Moody’s and Fitch for its good financial health amidst financial difficulties experienced at national government in 2015.
Mayor also served as the Chief of Staff responsible for the overall running and functioning of the offices of the Gauteng Member of the Executive Committee (MEC) for the departments of Sport as well as Economic Development and Agriculture respectively.
The Soweto-born seasoned politician grew up in the streets of Dube where at the tender age of 13 he took up student politics in the historic township and subsequently became a member of the African National Congress (ANC) Youth League wherein he was elected its Regional Chairperson. 

Mayor Matongo has served as a member of the Johannesburg ANC Regional Executive Committee for 18 years. During this time, he became Head of Media and Communications of the region where he was also elected the Region Spokesperson for two consecutive terms.
Having formally joined the public service more than a decade ago, mayor Matongo was first appointed an Operations Manager in the Housing Department of the City. 

He later became the City's Deputy Director of Youth Development – a function that prompted the municipality to prioritise programmes that were directed particularly at youth inclusion and empowerment. He went on to become a Councillor in the Johannesburg Council ahead of his appointment as a Strategic Adviser.
Mayor Matongo, who is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Administration, already holds various qualifications that include a B-Tech degree in Public Management, Project Management, Quality Assurance as well as Public Management and Development.
He lives in Lenasia, south of Johannesburg, with his family.​