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Johannesburg Water
water.jpgJoburg's tap water rates among the cleanest, safest and healthiest in the world – and it is the task of Johannesburg Water to provide top quality water and a world class sanitation service to the city’s three million residents.

The company is an independent company, with the City of Johannesburg its only shareholder. Annual turnover is more than R1,6-billion, the company is run on best business practices and aims to provide customer satisfaction.

There are 10 957.88 kilometres of distribution pipes providing water across the city, and ensuring that the water provided remains world class, the company’s electro-mechanical maintenance department ensures that Johannesburg Water’s 33 water towers, 87 reservoirs and pump stations are functional 24-hours a day.
Johannesburg Water’s testing laboratories are accredited with the South African National System (Sanas). Three laboratories test over 500 samples each month, ensuring that what comes out of the taps meets the high-quality requirements of the SANS 241, Class 1 Drinking Water.

The company also operates six wastewater treatm​ent works, with a combined process capacity of 960 megalitres a day, 38 sewer pumping stations and 10 058.03 kilometres of sewer pipelines, stretching from Midrand to Ennerdale.

Johannesburg Water continues to do extensive and ongoing upgrades to its water and sewage networks.

It has its own website, Johannesburg Water.
Vision, Mission and Key Objectives


Johannesburg Water's vision is to become the leading water utility in South Africa.


To provide all of Joburg's people with access to a quality water and sanitation services. To achieve this Johannesburg Water will:

Deliver a sustainable, affordable and cost-effective service;
Upgrade services in low-income areas;
Create a customer-focused culture;
Build capacity through the development of our employees with emphasis on those who were previously disadvantaged; and
Improve protection of the environment


Johannesburg Water's key objectives are:

  • To deal with water and sanitation backlogs in informal settlements;
  • To update the Water Services Development Plan; and
  • To review the metering policy and unaccounted-for water and energy.
  • Head Office is at 17 Harrison Street, Marshalltown 
  • Reception number: 011 688 1400
  • Call Centre number:011 688 1699 
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Johannesburg Water
  • Twitter: @Jhbwater
Depots Contacts
17 Harrison Street
PO Box 61542
Johannesburg Water