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Metrobus-New-Models (1).jpgGetting vast numbers of people from one part of the city to another safely, quickly and affordably is the job of Metrobus, the Johannesburg Metropolitan Bus Service.

Set up as a company in 2000, it is wholly owned by the City of Johannesburg. It is also the second largest municipal bus operator in South Africa, with 532 buses covering 80 scheduled routes and 130 school routes.

Metrobus transports about 90 000 passengers daily fulfilling its primary task - transporting commuters using a scheduled bus service.


The transport company's vision is to be a world-class African bus service across the greater Johannesburg metro.

Its mission is to provide customer-friendly public bus transport within greater Johannesburg. To do this, it has distilled its aims, as follows:​

  • Innovation - Metrobus will continuously look for ways to grow its business and introduce cost-reducing and efficiency-enhancing methods and technologies.
  • Safety - it will ensure that its passengers are always safe and its bus operators will be the best trained in the country.
  • Reliability - it will provide a reliable, punctual service.
  • Efficiency - it will provide a cost-efficient service to ensure fares are kept as low as possible.
  • Sustainability - it will be financially viable and will produce above-industry-average profitability through efficient resource allocation and management.
  • Environmental consciousness - it will ensure that its buses do not pollute the environment.
  • Customer-focused - it will ensure that buses are clean and comfortable and that its operators are trained in customer services.
  • Continuous learning - it will encourage staff and their families to learn, with special focus on their health, safety and social wellbeing.

Key objectives

Metrobus aims to turn public transport in Joburg into a professionally run operation.

To reach this objective, the company has studied commuters' needs and has invested heavily in technology and new vehicles to improve its service.

Key focus Areas

  • Supplies a daily public bus service;
  • Provides transport for people with disabilities;
  • Provides pensioner transport;
  • Provides a dedicated transport service for school learners;
  • Supplies commercial contracts to transport employees;
  • Operates a Gauteng department of transport contract in Eldorado Park with 19 buses;
  • Provides buses for private hire;
  • Provides transport to and from major events; and
  • Offers advertising space on buses and tickets.
  • Its services are constantly expanding and Metrobus is, among other plans, determined to extend its bus routes, provide feeder services for the Gautrain, and integrate services for people with disabilities into the scheduled service.

Programmes and Projects
Metrobus has a number of programmes and projects :

Social responsibility programme - in partnership with the Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market and the Johannesburg Zoo, Metrobus runs a project to take underprivileged children to the zoo. It transports these groups to and from the zoo once a month.
Special services section - Metrobus recognises the importance of an integrated service catering for disabled people. A dedicated department, the special service section, has been established to cater solely for services for people with disabilities.
Its six special needs buses run on the following routes:​

  • Soweto to Johannesburg;
  • Alexandra to Johannesburg;
  • Naturena to Johannesburg;
  • Johannesburg to Sandton;
  • Soweto to Soweto; and
  • Soweto to Eldorado Park.
These routes were designed to cater for disabled passengers, to transport them to and from their workplaces.


Special stickers are displayed at the front of the bus to notify commuters. The buses have ramps that align with the pavement to make wheelchair access easy. They also have dedicated wheelchair spaces complete with seatbelts that lock the wheelchairs to the floor. ​A special prepaid tag system is also available for people with disabilities. Click here for Bus Routes, Fares, Pricing and Hire.