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​​Draft inclusionary housing policy
​The City of Johannesburg is calling on residents, developers and other relevant stakeholders to engage with two draft policies that went out for public comment on Wednesday, 28 February 2018.​

Draft inclusionary housing policy

Inclusionary housing is a programme which requires and incentivises private developers to dedicate a certain percentage of new housing developments to low income and low middle income households at affordable housing cost.

According to the Spatial Development Framework 2040 for Johannesburg (SDF, 2016), the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act (16 of 2013, SPLUMA) and the City of Johannesburg Municipal Planning By-Law (2016) all make provision for inclusionary housing to be implemented by the City.

As such, since early 2017, the City of Johannesburg has been investigating and developing an inclusionary housing policy that is now in a draft stage and ready for public comment. The policy is entitled “City of Johannesburg Inclusionary Housing Incentives, Regulations and Mechanisms".

The City would like to invite comment on the document from any party that may be interested. The comment period is 60 days.​

The document is available:

  1. For download Click here
  2. For viewing at City Transformation, 10th Floor, Metro Centre, 158 Civic Boulevard, Braamfontein, Johannesburg; and
  3. On request via e-mail from

Any comment/representation/objection in respect of the policy should be addressed to Mr D Weakley, City Transformation and Spatial Planning at, or delivered by hand to City Transformation, 10th Floor, Metro Centre, 158 Civic Boulevard, Braamfontein or by post to PO Box 1049, Johannesburg, 2000.