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2008-05-21: Speaker of Council acknowledges humanitarian work

Councillor Nkele Ntingane said that the Council had met to discuss the new budget, sector plans, and tariffs for the next financial year from July 2008 until June 2009.

She said that as Councillors, Ward Councillors, and Proportional Representation Councillors, elected by specific constituencies, they are the closest to their communities they serve.

Councillor Nkele further said that she knew of Councillors from areas affected by the violence, who have worked tirelessly to reduce tensions, and she could speak on behalf of the overwhelming majority of residents of our City in thanking them for their work.

“We all clearly understand that violence of this nature does not simply target one ethnic or minority group, it affects us all. Blood letting of this nature has its own dynamics and every community, irrespective of their origins, will suffer if this violence is not stopped.”

 Cllr Nkele added that as Councillors they were working throughout the day and night, and that there were many staff who were also working to prevent violence and to undertake the necessary humanitarian work for displaced families and individuals.

She said that members of the JMPD and SAPS were to be thanked as they had risked their lives in the protection of vulnerable communities.

She also thanked members of the Departments’ of Community Development and Planning and all other staff involved, for their tireless humanitarian work.
Madame Speaker said that she was aware that some Councillors had decided to fast over the next two days in solidarity with the victims of this violence. We will ensure that the prepared food over the next two days of those Councillors who are not participating is appropriately packaged and made available to those in need.