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2008-06-27: JMPD officers to return to work following agreement with City of Johannesburg

AN agreement has been reached between the City of Johannesburg and the SA Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU) representing striking Johannesburg Metropolitan Police (JMPD) officials after a marathon 14-hour negotiation last night (Friday).
In terms of the agreement members of SAMWU will return to work with immediate effect. It is envisaged that all test stations, license offices and other regional facilities will also start running business with immediate effect and by Monday return to normal. Failure to adhere to this provision will render the agreement null and void.
The agreement follows two days of negotiations aimed at resolving the strike action that started earlier in the week. The core of the agreement deals with the remuneration of JMPD officials. The City of Johannesburg's position in the talks was to prioritize the restoration of disrupted services. Other remaining issues identified would be dealt with at an agreed date among the parties involved.
Implied in this outcome is that no further industrial action is to be taken on issues which were subject to the agreement.    With regards to minimum salaries paid to Metro Police Officers (MPO) the following has been agreed:

Newly appointed Trainees will attend a course on theoretical aspects at the Academy for a period of 6 months and will receive a stipend of R2 000 per month.
Upon completion of this course a Trainee MPO will undergo practical training for a further period of 6 months and be paid of R 4 200 per month. 
Upon successful completion of both theoretical and practical training, the MPO will be appointed on the permanent structure of JMPD and be paid the applicable minimum salary.

The City of Johannesburg, as employer, commits itself that none of its employees will be paid below the minimum salary of the grade applicable to the position.
With regards to employees who have been in the service of the City for a longer period, the following has been agreed:

Those who have been employed by the JMPD for a period of six years to twelve years, shall be placed on the median range of the salary scale;
Those who have been employed for longer than 12 years will be paid at the maximum of the salary scale.

The parties agreed that these provisions will apply once off, only to permanent staff members of the JMPD and will not serve as a precedent or be used against any of the parties in future disputes or negotiations.
The parties also recognised the fact that the Johannesburg Council operates within a specific legislative environment and that the agreement will only be implemented once it has been approved by the relevant structures of Council.
SAMWU has called on its members to convene at the Wemmer Complex (1041) at 09h00 on Saturday (28 June) where they will receive a report back on the outcome of the negotiations.