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2008-07-24: City Parks to unveil the 4th 'Township TV' big screen in Joburg

JOHANNESBURG City Parks, the leaders in greening and outdoor recreation is set to unveil the 4th 'Big Screen' in Rose Park, Rose Avenue, Lenasia on Saturday, 25 July at 11.30.

The much-lauded project is in partnership with Township TV who has been wholly funding the project. The aim of the initiative is to install permanent big screen televisions with satellite links, in flagship parks that service non-affluent communities.

The screen in Rose Park, Lenasia will complement the bouquet of 'Township Televisions' installed in Diepsloot Park in the north of Joburg; Eldorado Park, in the south; and the recently unveiled Diepkloof XtremePark, in Soweto. Plans are at an advanced stage to rollout additional screens in frequently used parks in Johannesburg, as well.

The project is aimed at engaging with communities on issues relevant to the environment, sport, education, youth and current affairs, and to act as a 'centre of excellence' to draw families to enjoying a healthy lifestyle in the city's parks.

Township TV has ensured that a 24-hour monitoring and security presence is in place at all parks that have the big screen televisions. This is supported with a litter-picking service that is also provided by the company.

To enhance the outdoor experience, Johannesburg City Parks is ensuring that the upgraded parks are multi-functional, maintenance standards are improved and that the park caters to the needs of all children- from 'toddlers to the tweens'. Soccerfields, multi-purpose courts, splash pools and additional play-equipment has been added to some of these facilities, to ensure that children have access to television viewing, and benefit from the social interaction and physical activities found in the park.

"Johannesburg City Parks is extremely thankful to Graeme Joffe who has been championing this initiative on behalf of his partners at Township TV. Children who are left to their own devices without adult supervision are regularly found in the park and are reminded by the vigilant Township TV monitors, that it is illegal to litter- resulting in a 100% success rate in curbing litter, vandalism, vagrancy, and illegal dumping in parks that have installed Township TV," stated Luther Williamson the Managing Director of Johannesburg City Parks.

"Johannesburg City Parks has a moral obligation to ensure that its workforce has access to healthcare and informed financial-planning assistance. New healthcare service providers and our bankers are encouraged to provide financial services and medical-aid packages for all employees, including City Park's labourers," stated the Managing Director of City Parks, Mr Luther Williamson, adding that, "the health of an organisation's workforce is the wealth of a company."