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2008-07-29: Only five weeks left for qualifying residents to apply for rates rebates for 2008/9

JOHANNESBURG residents who qualify for a rates rebate have only five weeks left to apply for rates rebates applicable to the 2008/9 financial year.

The deadline for applications to be received is 31 August 2008.

"Rebates are outlined in the City's recently adopted Rates Policy, and forms one of the elements of the City's overall social package aimed at assisting the most needy residents in the city," says Erika Naude the City's director for Rates & Taxes.

"We have received some applications so far - mainly from pensioners - but we believe that many people are waiting to submit their applications thinking that they still have some time before the deadline. I want to encourage everyone who intends to apply to submit their applications as soon as possible," says Naude.

Applications are processed as they are received, and therefore the rebate is applied to the next account. "Those applications that we receive after the deadline will have their rebate applied retrospectively from 1 July 2008. However, until the application is approved, every customer must pay their rates billed in full and on time," says Naude.

The following residents are eligible for rebates:

Pensioners, namely pensioners who own and personally occupy the property; those dependent on a National Security Grant; those not on a National Security Grant but whose gross monthly income falls below R5000; and those pensioners who are not on a National Security Grant, but whose gross monthly income is higher than R5000 but less than R9000
Declared heritage sites
Owners of vacant land, where planning permission to develop the property is not given as a result of the Council being unable to provide municipal services (including Eskom).
Private colleges, which own land and are registered by the National Department of Education as education facilities. Schools and colleges which are registered as businesses do not qualify for a rebate.
Public benefit organisations, including those that offer welfare and humanitarian services, health care services and educational and development services.
Farming and agricultural land owners; and
Private sports clubs, where a sports club is either unable to pay for the property rates; where the membership of the club is open to previously disadvantaged persons; where the land owned by the club is used primarily for sporting activities; or the club is involved in sports development programmes for previously disadvantaged communities.
For more information residents can contact the City on 011 375 5555.