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2008-07-29: The City reminds parents of new immunisation schedule

THE National Polio Immunisation Awareness week is taking place from 03rd-09th August 2008 in South Africa.

The City of Johannesburg (CoJ) Health Department would like to encourage the parents to get their children immunised against all childhood vaccine preventable diseases to help build up the child’s defences. By June 2008 only 88.5% of children below one year old were recorded to be fully immunised, placing all children at risk of being exposed to a preventable childhood disease.

In February 2008 the Department of National Health launched the revised immunisation schedule, which includes an additional dose of vaccine at 12 years of age. Very few children in this age category have received the additional dose according to the statistics collected from clinics in the City. Child minders and educators are also reminded that it is best practice to ensure that children in their care are fully immunized to prevent outbreaks of diseases. During immunization awareness week the Health Department will be visiting schools and child minders to provide catch-up immunisation services.

BCG= vaccine against Tuberculosis (TB)
Polio= vaccine against Polio (lameness of legs)
DTP = vaccine against diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus
Hib = vaccine against Haemophilus influenza (Flue)
Td = vaccine against diphtheria and tetanus

Persons seeking more information should contact their nearest clinic or Health Department. The CoJ Call Centre number is (011) 375-5555.