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2008-08-04: Save with a prepayment electricity meter

RESIDENTS and businesses in the City, can apply for a prepayment electricity meter and save on monthly costs.

"We are encouraging customers to go the prepayment route as there are immediate benefits to the user", says Silas Zimu Managing Director for City Power.

Zimu says, "There is no consumption deposit required on application, no service charge and better financial management because you purchase only what you require each month".

Other benefits of prepayment are; no estimations, overcharges or undercharges, no need for meter readers and full consumption control. Customers have repeatedly complained about inaccurate billing and the frustration of resolving such a complaint.

"It is a quick process that takes 21 working days unless technicians have busy workloads", says Zimu. He said the perception that "prepayment is only for the indigent" is wrong. In 2005 the City installed over 30 000 prepayment electricity meters in various areas as a way of eliminating service account problems.

"We are in the process of expanding the availability of prepaid tokens to banks, petrol garages and spaza shops to meet consumer needs", says Zimu.

To convert from conventional to prepayment, your current electricity, water and rates account must be settled in full or an acknowledgement of debt signed with the City. A prepaid conversion fee as determined by City Power must be paid. This varies from R3 306.00 including vat for a single-phase 80Amp to R8 094 for a three-phase 80 Amp.

For more information or application, contact any City Power Customer Service Centre: Central 011 490 7000, Lenasia 011 857 1842/3, Alexandra 011 443 8800, Midrand 011 256 8500, Randburg 011 793 1105, Roodeport 011 470 3600, Siemert 011 402 5750 and Hursthill 011 830 0041.

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