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2008-08-05: Wednesday's Cosatu general strike

Based on the previous similar strike actions, we anticipate that a majority of our employees will be at work with manning levels above fifty percent of the workforce.   The City will apply a "No work no pay" policy on its

At Braamfontein's core administration, most of the services will run as usual and minimum disruption may occur. The City further anticipates that essential services like metropolitan police and emergency services who include ambulance, clinics and firefighters, to run as usual because employees in these categories are providing emergency services.

Commuter bus services of Metro Bus and garbage collection by Pikitup are likely to be disrupted. On buses, commuters are advised to make alternative arrangements while the garbage will be collected at restaurants, clinics
and other emergency institutions. Garbage not collected will fall on the next collection cycle the following week.

Service at the City's paypoints for electricity and water may be disrupted. Customers are advised to use major supermarkets, banks and large municipal outlets. Cemeteries will maintain a basic service.