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2008-08-21: Joburg obtains interdict against illegal construction

The Joburg Property Company (JPC), a City of Johannesburg owned entity obtained an interim court order on 19 August 2008 to prevent illegal construction and stop fraudulent sales of council owned property at Power Park Extension 2 in Soweto.

These fraudulent sales and illegal house construction has created issues which need to be addressed urgently;

 The person who was responsible for the fraudulent sales is Moses Nkosi;
 People who were sold stands fraudulently have now started building on those sites;
 Illegal housing construction has started by a group calling themselves the Power Park Ext 2 Residents Committee.
JPC has taken the following steps to stop the fraudulent sales and the illegal construction on the sites:

 Persons who were fraudulently sold properties were advised that the sales were fraudulent and had no legal standing;
 A case of fraud was opened at Kliptown Police Station against Moses Nkosi;
 Officials of JPC and COJ visited the site and advised those persons involved that the construction is illegal and asked them to stop;
 Orders to stop were issued by COJ Building control. In some cases people on site refused to accept the notices and threatened the Building Control officers;
 In order to protect the sites while the investigation and legal processes were being finalised, JPC appointed a contractor to fence and secure the sites. However when the contractor attempted to fence the site he was stopped by the persons building the houses.
The extent of these continued sales and illegal construction on Council owned Property is being investigated. The group calling themselves the Power Park Residents Committee Ext 2 has been asked to provide the necessary documents to prove ownership of the land.