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2008-10-07: Waste through the ages!

PIKITUP, the City of Johannesburg's waste management company, is one of the major exhibitors at this year's Waste Conference being held at Durban's International Conference Centre from October 6-10, and has adopted the theme "Waste Through The Ages" for its stand.

Organised by the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa, the conference is being held for the 19th time this year and is an important thought leadership and information gathering and sharing event for the rapidly growing waste management industry. The overall theme of the conference is Minimizing Waste and its Effects on Society.

At its stand, Pikitup is pictorially showing how waste collection has evolved over the years from the old horse and hand cart system, to open trucks and "bakkies", to the modern wheelie bins and hydraulic trucks that collect waste around Johannesburg. The exhibition will also show how mules and donkeys were central to keeping Johannesburg clean (at one stage the City Council owned and bred hundreds of mules), how incinerators were used, and how mechanisation was first adopted as long ago as 1938.

There will also be an illustration of newer technologies – such as underground bin trucks for separation at source.

"There have been a lot of changes in the way waste is collected, so we thought it would be meaningful to highlight this evolutionary process at our exhibition," said Zami Nkosi, Pikitup's managing director.

"Just as with many other industries, waste management cannot remain static, it has to adapt and move with the times."

Nkosi explained that Pikitup has many exciting projects in the pipeline, including:

The introduction of mechanised sweepers (in conjunction with the Johannesburg Road Agency) to clean highways;
Cleaning, rehabilitation and beautification of illegal dumping sites;
Introduction of underground bins at the Baragwanath Taxi Rank and other locations throughout the city;
Separating waste at source;
Landfill improvement;
New garden sites;  and
The establishment of two mini depots in Cosmo City and Orange Farm.
"Waste management has come a long way in Johannesburg and we can thank people, animals and machines for this progress," said Nkosi, adding that more changes and innovations will occur in the future as waste management authorities meet ongoing challenges posed by economic growth and urbanisation.

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