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2008-10-20: Telling the story of public transportation in Johannesburg

THE City of Johannesburg's Transportation Department will be launching of a book entitled: 'The People Shall Move!: A People's History of Transport in the Apartheid Era' on the 21 October 2008 at the Apartheid Museum starting at 5pm.

The book documents and commemorates the experiences of Joburg's people with public and private transportation during the era of apartheid and the anti-apartheid struggle.

By providing both personal and anecdotal points of view, and covering all modes of transport including trams, buses, trains and taxis, The People Shall Move!,  focuses on the changing role of transport throughout Joburg's history.

"Apartheid was not just a set of laws on books. It was designed to deliberately force separation of people in every facet of life including the way in which they moved from one place to another. Railway lines were used to further entrench group areas division, segregation on modes of transport inflated costs and provision of transport for the vast majority of Johannesburg's residents was not a priority for the government.

The People Shall Move!, is a humble effort by the City of Johannesburg¹s Transportation Department, to begin to document the history of transport in our City. The various contributors to this book, enrich through their personal anecdotes, our understanding of the pivotal role that transport played, as a medium for mass mobilisation in the struggle against apartheid," said Rehana Moosajee, MMC of Transportation for the City of Johannesburg

The book concludes by looking at the future of public transportation in the City, with the introduction of the Rea Vaya Strategic Public Transport Network and its Bus Rapid Transport system, currently in the construction phase, which is set to revolutionise and integrate the movement of the City's people through first class, multimodal public transportation.