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04/10/2016: 29 fire engines repaired in our first month 
I am pleased to announce that 29 fire engines have been put back into action and service within the new administration’s first month in office.
This after the previous administration in our City failed to do so and these much needed fire engines had remained in the workshop for years.

This includes three fire engines for Orange Farm, two in Lawley, three in Dobsonville and one in Eldorado Park.

Johannesburg and its residents have been plagued by a critical shortage of fire engines for years and it is a disgrace that the previous administration did nothing to address this. Under the leadership of MMC of Public Safety, Michael Sun, we have been able to achieve what the previous administration could not do in years. There are 28 fire stations across our City, and prior to the repair of these 29 fire engines, only eight of the stations had working fire engines.

This put our City’s unsung heroes, our fire fighters, under enormous pressure and reduced their capacity to respond effectively to emergency calls. This also put the health and lives of our residents under serious threat. The new administration in our City is committed to deliver better services to all our City’s residents. I intend being the Mayor for all our residents, irrespective of their political affiliations.

While the previous administration could be depicted as one of style over substance, we will be one of substance over style. I would like to applaud MMC Sun and his team on the excellent work being undertaken.

We have an enormous task ahead of us as we work tirelessly to turn our City around, but we are committed to doing so. In whatever we do, we will always put our residents first and act in their best interests.

Executive Mayor
Councillor Herman Mashaba
City of Joburg

Media enquiries:

Tony Taverna-Turisan
Mayoral Director of Communications
082 920 9708