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04/10/2016: ANC Councillors sabotage Orange Farm Community Meeting Again 
Once again the ANC chose to sabotage the Orange Farm community meeting this afternoon.

This was a planned event with community members where they would have the opportunity to have an open and transparent discussion with the new administration in Joburg.

Following the ANC’s sabotage of the Orange Farm Community meeting last week, I immediately arranged a follow-up meeting so as to afford the community a chance to raise their genuine issues and to also hear our plans for the City.

I condemn these undemocratic practices from ANC representatives in the strongest terms.

It is time for the ANC in Joburg to accept the decision of voters at the ballot box and to allow the new administration to do our job.

The ANC had 22 years to address the serious service delivery, housing and unemployment issues faced by the Orange Farm community when it was in government but failed to do so.

Their time is up.

These actions were once again organised by ANC councillors. Strong action must be taken against these self-serving and destructive individuals. Nothing they are doing can advance the cause of the Orange Farm community that has suffered years of neglect under previous administrations in our City.

I have written to the Chief Whip in Council, Cllr Kevin Wax, requesting that these latest developments are added to the investigation currently underway into councilors who disrupted last week’s meeting.

I attempted to set up a meeting with ANC councillors from Orange Farm last Friday to discuss their concerns and the importance of the community meeting. I wished to include them in the meeting because the interests of our residents has to come before any party political loyalty.

These councillors chose to cancel the meeting at the eleventh hour.

It is without doubt that they are failing to uphold their oath of office and acting in self-interest and against the best interests of their community.

I am also going to write to the ANC Secretary General, Gwede Manthashe to intervene in this matter. It is becoming abundantly clear that the ANC leadership in Johannesburg are either complicit in these actions or fail to keep their councillors in line.

These actions do nothing for our democracy but will do nothing to slow down the pace of this administration. 

We will not tolerate this.

These actions will not stop me from doing my job. I am a Mayor for every resident in our City and everyone has a right to be heard.

Executive Mayor
Councillor Herman Mashaba
City of Joburg