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​04/10/2016: Update on Level -2 Water Restrictions in Johannesburg 

The Johannesburg Metro Police Department has issued a total of 139 Notices, 41 Citations and 52 Fines to residents found not adhering to the City’s Level 2 water restrictions.

Many of these offences were picked up after tip-offs received from community members.
The enforcement of section 44 (3) of the Water Services By-law follows an announcement of more water restrictions measures and related tariffs that was made by the City of Johannesburg on Monday, 05 September 2016. This was in response to a notice by the Department of Water Affairs and Sanitation to have the city reduce its water usage by 15% with immediate effect due to the water levels in the Integrated Vaal River System that dropped below the threshold level of 60%.

Johannesburg Water has since then been receiving 15% less water from its bulk supplier, Rand Water. Reservoir levels across the city are stable after the 15% restriction on their inflows and we haven’t experienced any problems with our storage thus far. The restriction of supply by throttling the system and water restriction tariffs combined with the enforcement of has seen us reduce domestic consumption by just an average of 3.5%. This is still far below the required 15% reduction.

Dam levels are still very low at our source (Integrated Vaal River System) and it is therefore important for all consumers to remain considerate of the current water restrictions. Johannesburg Water thanks all residents and visitors to the city who have heeded the call to save water; however we need to do more to avert a looming water supply shortage.

Consumers are urged to continue reporting non-compliance by phoning the JMPD 24/7 line: 011 758 9650.

Residents are encouraged to subscribe to our SMS notification service for alerts on planned or unplanned service interruptions. More information and water saving tips can be found on our and social media platforms (Twitter: @jhbwater and Facebook: Johannesburg Water)

For additional information please feel free to contact:

Ms. Tidimalo Chuene
Manager: Marketing and Communications
011 688 1577
082 604 6727