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10/10/2016: Alien invasives get the boot 
Johannesburg City Parks & Zoo, the custodians for greening in the City of Johannesburg will be out in full force in an on-going Mega Blitz alien invasive campaign.
The campaign, launched in October 2015 has gained momentum and aims to educate and create awareness in communities on alien invasive plants and their adverse effects on the environment. The impact on biodiversity and the subsequent demise of inherent plants, not only disrupts the ecosystem but strains the greening economy of our city.
In partnership with the Department of Environmental Affairs and Invasive Species SA, the clean out of invasives will see approximately 60 workers abuzz removing bug weed, Lantana, castor oil and others.
These alien invasive campaigns cover various wards which need urgent attention to ensure that the City is well maintained.
Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo encourages communities to be part and parcel of this initiative and to take ownership of their neighbourhoods.

Noeleen Mattera
Stakeholder & Media Relations: Johannesburg City Parks & Zoo