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10/10/2016: Mayor Mashaba hands out title deeds in Eldorado Park 

Attie and Mary van Wyk have been living in their home since 1987, and today their long wait for the dignity of a title deed to their home is over

The van Wyks were one of five families who received title deeds for their homes in Eldorado Park, south west of Johannesburg from the Executive Mayor, Cllr Herman Mashaba.

“I am deeply honoured to be handing out title deeds in Eldorado Park today,” said Mayor Mashaba.

“We are fast tracking service delivery in areas like Eldorado Park and other parts of the City to better your lives in just under five weeks of being elected to office,” Mayor Mashaba said as he addressed a packed Albertus Pop Recreation Centre.

In his inauguration speech in September, Mayor Mashaba announced that his  administration wouldensure that thousands of title deeds were given to people so that they have the dignity of owning their homes which can be passed on to their children.

“This is the beginning of a journey to better your lives,”Mayor Mashaba said and added: “you gave us permission by electing us to better your lives, we have no other option”.

He then requested the residents to give the new administration time to achieve its goals given that itonly took office less than two month ago.

The Housing Department has already compiled a list of 2000 title deeds which are being processed for handing over to beneficiaries, many for houses given to residents over 20 years ago.

Three of the people meant to receive their title deeds today in Eldorado Park have sadly passed on. They had been living in their homes since 1985, 1994 and 2010 respectively. “It is tragic to think that they are among the many residents of our City who died waiting for their title deeds,” said Mayor Mashaba.

The relatives of these individuals will need to obtain letters of authority from the Master of the Supreme Court in order to receive their parents’ title deeds. The City is committed to ensuring that these families do that.

The Mayor promised that his administration would not abandon people's hopes and dreams. He said he knew how important a home is, no matter how basic, adding that a home is far more than a front door, four walls, and a roof.

“Home ownership is about investing in savings, building a family, and planting roots in a community.Having title to a home provides people with the economic opportunity to better their lives and enter the mainstream economy.”

Mayor Mashaba encouraged residents to register properly on the waiting list as there will be no “connected” people who jump the housing queue. He said Civil Society and the community should be vigilant and not allow anyone to abuse them.

“As a new government, we are committing to serve you and be a government you deserve,” added Mayor Mashaba.

A resident praised the Mayor for not donning the uniform of the party which elected him to the position. In response, Mayor Mashaba said he was a Mayor for all residents of Johannesburg – those who voted for his party and those who did not.