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13/10/2016: Mayor Mashaba delivers keys to houses in Lufhereng 
The Executive Mayor of the City of Johannesburg, Cllr Herman Mashaba today conducted oversight and handed over keys for three houses to beneficiaries in Lufhereng, northwest of Soweto.

Recipients were among the first group of beneficiaries for a total of 550 properties built and due to be handed over in the next few weeks.

Mayor Mashaba, accompanied by the Council Speaker Vasco Da Gama, Community Development MMC Nonhlanhla Sifumba, EFF’s Cllr Musa Nobela, local ANC Cllr Theo Dlamini (Ward 53) and Cllr Elliot Sithole (Ward 115), congratulated each of those who received keys to their houses.

The beneficiaries will occupy fully-subsidised housing units under Johannesburg’s City-wide scheme aimed at improving the lives of our people.

Furthermore, title deeds will also be handed over to 450 beneficiaries in the community in the coming weeks.

The Joburg Housing Department has estimated that within 10 years, the project will have completed 24 000 housing units. 

Earlier on, there were unsuccessful attempts to stop the ceremony by a small crowd wearing ANC-colours. They were singing and shouting as recipients, friends and family members ululated and showed signs of relief.

“It is not strange that when we deliver services to people, we should be met by this type of hostility,” quipped Mayor Mashaba to the residents who were receiving keys to their houses.

He added: “Someone needs to ask these people what do they actually want the government todo”.

Lufhereng is a Tshivenda word and also a combination of two Sesotho words: “Lufhera” and “reng” which means a place where people come together with a united commitment.

“I hope you will agree with me that this important occasion fits the name of your community well, with a combined effort of our hard-working administration and a political leadership which took over less than two months ago”, said Mashaba.

In an interview after the event, Mayor Mashaba said the City of Johannesburg was committed to improving lives of the residents – especially the poor.

He added: “We are working tirelessly to see to it that the dignity of our people is restored. I am the Mayor for every resident of this City, regardless of what political party they support. This project was a good example to showcase how much progress can be achieved if leadership embodies the principle of public service.”

The first phase of this project saw 1 832 fully-subsidized housing units being developed in Lufhereng and Lufhereng Extension 1 under the formal housing category.

The City is planning to embark on the construction of a further 1 250 more housing units in Extension 5 and 6.

Final scope of the Lufhereng project will see 24 000 housing units developed in 18 phases over ten years.

Mayor Mashaba however humbly requested residents to be patient and give the new administration time to achieve its goals.

He said change is a process that requires sufficient planning and allocation of reasonable resources.

“It is going to take time to turn around deep-rooted problems in our City. However, we are committed to working tirelessly to deliver on our promises. Please, give us the chance to prove ourselves,” added Mayor Mashaba.

Cllr Heman Mashaba
Executive Mayor
City of Joburg

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