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26/10/2016: Mayor condemns violence and damage to property in Braamfontein 
I condemn both the damage inflicted upon the Inner City on the 18th of October and again last night.

This includes the burning of three busses, a police vehicle, stoning of motorist vehicles and a fire engine, looting and damage to municipal infrastructure and private property.
The replacement of the Rea Vaya bus that was burnt last night will cost the City an estimated R3.3 million.

I have grown increasingly concerned by the lack of arrests in the face of acts of pure criminality. If you damage property, if you loot, if you commit any criminal activity, you must be arrested. I have requested MMC for Public Safety, Michael Sun, to ensure that JMPD are prepared to respond to any criminal activity should it happen, as required of the JMPD by the National Police Services Act.

As the Mayor of Joburg, I have sworn to uphold the Constitution, and to protect the people of our City and their property. In whatever we do, the best interests of our residents must always come first.

It is alleged that this violence has emerged from the student protests at Wits.

The plight of poor students is one with which I sympathise. This plight is one with which I personally identify, having once been a poor student myself without money for even the basic necessities such as food.

However, violent forms of protest in the streets of Johannesburg must stop.

I implore student protesters to consider the ramifications of your actions and do not allow your cause to be hijacked by criminal elements.

The City of Joburg and its residents are not your enemy.

We recognise the important role you will play in building an inclusive and prosperous city. You are the future leaders of our City and country, but leadership comes with responsibility.

Please do not allow your potential to be derailed.

Executive Mayor
Councillor Herman Mashaba
City of Joburg

Media enquiries:

Tony Taverna-Turisan
Mayoral Director of Communications
082 920 9708