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26/11/2016: R1.2 million drug bust by K9-Narcotics Unit 
On Monday I launched the new K9-Narcotics Unit with MMC of Public Safety, Cllr Michael Sun. Together we declared war on drugs and drug lords which have been tearing families and communities apart and destroying the lives of far too many of our youth.

I am delighted to inform the public that yesterday, 25 November, this new unit made its first large bust and seized 56.28kg of dagga at an estimated street value of R 1.2 million.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and congratulations to this Unit for the excellent work they are doing as we embark on this road to ridding our streets of this epidemic.

Following on from a drug bust by the Unit on Wednesday, 23 November, Sgt RS Zwane received further information that a large amount of dagga was being off-loaded at 100 Jorissen Street in Braamfontein.

On stop and search, a large quantity of dagga was discovered in a vehicle outside the building. Sgt Zwane called for back-up from his Unit and the Germiston SAPS Organised Crime Unit. The operation lead to a room within the building and SAPS urgently applied for a search warrant. A large amount of dagga was discovered and seized in the room.

Sgt Zwane was alarmed when he saw the occupant of the room. The suspect, a Tanzanian male, had been arrested by Sgt Zwane in February 2016 for a similar offence but according to the suspect, he was released on a “fine”. The suspect had also appeared in court for another offence on Friday, 25 November.

Of great concern to me, I have been informed that during the gathering of evidence and investigation, a higher raking SAPS captain mysteriously arrived and demanded the return of her suspect. Despite proper investigation procedure and reasoning, the lower ranking officers had to comply and handed the suspect back to the SAPS captain.

I request the Provincial Commissioner of SAPS to urgently look into this matter and ensure that the suspect is brought to justice. I also request that there is an investigation into the relationship between the SAPS Captain and the suspect.

The suspect is believed to be the head supplier of dagga in Braamfontein and there is a legitimate risk that he is being protected. In our war on drugs this is completely unacceptable.

I again congratulate the K9-Narcotics Unit for their excellent work and ask them to keep up this brave fight on behalf of our residents. This Unit is sending a clear message that law enforcement in Joburg will relentlessly pursue drug dealers using intelligence at its disposal. There will be no safe haven for drug lords in Johannesburg.

I again appeal to communities to work with us. Come to us in confidence with information that we can act on to make our communities and City a safer environment.

The war on drugs and drug dealers is not a task that government can take on alone. We need everyone to work with us to take back our communities from drug dealers and protect our children.

Councillor Herman Mashaba
Executive Mayor
City of Joburg

For further information, please contact:
Cllr Michael Sun
MMC of Public Safety
City of Johannesburg
082 822 9340