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29/09/2016: Premier Makhura and Mayor Mashaba, agree to work together in putting our people first 
Premier David Makhura and Executive Mayor, Herman Mashaba, had a first one-on-one meeting yesterday to discuss cooperation and areas of collaboration between the City and the Province.
This meeting was productive, cordial and has paved the way for a collaborative and cooperative relationship between the City and the Province.

This collaborative and cooperative relationship between the different spheres of government is a constitutional imperative, which is based on the best interests of the people of both Johannesburg and Gauteng Province.

We both agree regardless of party political differences, it is vital that we put our residents first. We are first and foremost servants of the people. Addressing unemployment and achieving inclusive economic growth will be our top priority to and our shared commitment.

Other areas of collaboration and cooperation will include:

1. The Inner City regeneration project where collaboration around issues of policing, transport, housing and cleaning would produce better results. There is a mutual commitment that this project must be prioritised to unlock the potential of our Inner City and stimulate economic growth. In this regard a working group of MMCs and MECS will be established as a matter of urgency.
2. Housing collaboration around the allocation of completed houses from both provincial and municipal governments and the speeding up of the issuing of title deeds. It is mutually recognised that this issue is of paramount importance.
3. Health collaboration between the City and the Province including supporting the City’s initiative of a pilot project to assess the viability of extending operating hours in our primary health care facilities.
4. Support greater coordination and integration of public transport initiatives between the City and the entire Province.
5. Debt management to ensure that money owed to Municipalities is recovered, including resolving disputes pertaining to the billing system by the debt management committee, composed of both the Treasuries of the City and the Province.

Both the Premier and the Mayor appreciate the spirit of the meeting and commitment to a good working relationship that will benefit the people of both the City of Johannesburg and the Gauteng Province. Following this meeting a provincial team will visit the City of Joburg to discuss the detail plans of the City and share the plans of the Gauteng Provincial Government.

Media Enquiries:
Tony Taverna-Turisan
Mayoral Director of Communications

Phumla Sekhonyane
Premier’s Spokesperson
071 860 4496