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​In the space between realism and abstraction you find the world of the puppeteer and the marionette. These puppets may be small but they will leave a giant impression on all who see them!
A rare treat from the East awaits Joburg audiences when the Fujian Marionette Art Troupe takes to the stage on Sept 7 and 8 in “The Charm of Fujian”.

There are strings attached, sometimes as many as 36 each on these exquisitely crafted marionettes!

Dressed in beautiful costumes, wielding miniature swords and working with finely crafted props the Fujian marionettes have been thrilling eager audiences for centuries. Now it is the chance for local Johannesburg audiences to be completely charmed by one of China’s greatest “cultural treasures”. Agile and life-like the marionettes will offer a joyous, accessible and exhilarating theatrical experience when they appear at the Globe, at Gold Reef City on the 7th and 8th September at 8:00pm. They will also pay a visit to the Johannesburg Zoo on Sat 8th September from 10:30 - 11:30 where they will entertain audiences at the Bandstand. All performances are part of the Johannesburg Arts Alive International Festival.

The City of Quanzhou in China’s South is celebrated as the Capital of Chinese Puppetry. For over 2000 years this art has been handed down from generation to generation. But these puppets are not lost in an ancient past, far from it.

"We keep the traditions of ancient puppetry but we also make it lively for the current market. We perform in both traditional and new plays to meet the tastes of modern audiences. Our plays are now also performed in Mandarin and English in different places around the world,”
says Wang Jingxian the current Director of the Quanzhou Marionette Troupe who will accompany his troupe to Johannesburg.

The Fujian Quanzhou Marionettes have performed in over 40 Countries. It is now South Africa’s turn to experience the exquisitely crafted marionettes and the amazingly skilled puppeteers from Quanzhou as they enact tales of romance, adventure, drama and comedy in the aptly named “The Charm of Fujian”.

They may be small but they are guaranteed to leave a giant impression on all who see them.

Bookings at Computicket.
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Event listing:

Event: “The Charm of Fujian” – Quanzhou Marionette Theatre

Venue: The Globe, Gold Reef City

Date: 7 Sept at 8:00pm

           8 Sept at 8:00pm

Bookings at Computicket

Price: R100.00


Bandstand at the Joburg Zoo

Saturday 8th: 10:30 – 11:30

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Notes to the Editor:

The Quanzhou Marionette Theatre has been brought to South Africa by the Cultural Ministry of the People’s Republic of China as a showcase of Chinese “intangible cultural heritage” and coincides with the Johannesburg Arts Alive International Festival.

The Troupe will be visiting schools on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th. They will also perform at the Bandstand at the Johannesburg Zoo on Saturday 8th September from 10:30 – 11:30.