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​Sectional title property owners whose residential properties are billed as businesses, can apply to have their tariffs changed.
PROPERTY owners who are being billed at a business property rate tariff can now apply to the City’s rates and taxes department to be charged at residential rates.

Sectional title property owners will need to apply in writing to benefit from the new rates, and will also need to indicate that the property in question is being used solely for residential purposes.

Council rates are determined by the rights accorded to a property in terms of zoning or permitted use as laid out in town planning schemes. Properties are zoned as a whole and not on the use of any particular building or portion of a building on a property, according to Pumza Jack, from the rates and taxes department.

“The City’s rates policy stipulates that properties be rated according to the highest tariff applicable to the permitted use,” Jack says. “Property zoned to permit a mix of commercial and residential usage is therefore rated in the business category.”

Changes have been made to the City’s rates policy, which means that residential property owners can benefit from paying lower rates.

“Amendments to the rates policy of the City allows sectional title units used only for residential purposes but zoned as general, special, undetermined or property used for multiple purposes to apply to be rated in terms of the residential tariff with full residential benefits,” he says.

Starting from 1 July, the new tariffs will be charged from date of application. The whole process of changing tariffs will take about two months.

Completed individual application forms can be submitted electronically, by fax or in person; forms can be emailed to, faxed to 011 727 0189 or dropped off at the Customer Service Centre at Thuso House, which is at 61 Jorissen Street in Braamfontein.

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