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​Johannesburg City Parks is hard at work tackling the seasonal maintenance backlog caused by recent heavy rains.
CITY Parks is working hard to resolve the seasonal maintenance backlog due to recent heavy rains.

Trimming the vergeTrimming the vergeThe persistent summer rains have curbed the authority’s ability to cut long grass and trim shrubs, according to City Parks spokesperson Jenny Moodley.

The rapid growth of grass and shrubs is largely due to the warm and wet weather which accelerates their rate of growth.

The rains have also affected work schedules as employees are not authorised to operate machinery in the rain.

 “The seasonal challenges are further exacerbated by limited resources and an ever increasing portfolio of open spaces. Residents also need to be mindful that not all open spaces with long grass fall under the custodianship of City Parks,” said Moodley.

Some of these spaces are owned by companies such as Eskom, Telkom, the National Roads Agency, Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport, the Johannesburg Property Company or Transnet. Maintenance of these open spaces is their responsibility, according to Moodley.

Nonetheless, City Parks will help resolve complaints that fall outside its area of responsibility through its new business development department.

City Parks is also appealing to residents to maintain sidewalks adjacent to their homes.

“This will go a long way in alleviating some of the pressures of timeous delivery and will allow us to focus on parks, cemeteries and street trees that require more specialised maintenance services,” said Moodley.

Residents are invited to verify ownership of neglected open spaces by sending an email to or visiting the Johannesburg City Parks website on to enquire on how they can assist in supporting a green and wellmaintained Joburg.



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