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​Tap water is safe in Diepsloot West Proper, but in other areas work is still going on by Joburg Water to clear all traces of contamination.
DIEPSLOOT residents have been assured by Joburg Water that progress is being made in clearing traces of contamination in the water, and it has confirmed that water in Diepsloot West Proper is uncontaminated.

Millicent Kabwe, the utility’s assistant manager of marketing and communication, says: “We are continuing the flushing process and taking samples until we have satisfactory results. We therefore appeal to the residents to remain patient and make use of the water tankers while Joburg Water restores the water system back to normal.”

Tankers in Diepsloot West Proper will be redirected to the affected areas to increase interim measures, she adds. “JW is working around the clock to restore drinkable water in all sections of Diepsloot.”

This comes following reports that water in some areas of Diepsloot was contaminated. Tests were undertaken by the utility and residents have been urged not to drink the tap water until further notice.

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