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​The Dusty Springfield tribute planned for The Fringe just got too big and the organisers have postponed the show until everyone is ready.
THE planned tribute show to Dusty Springfield, which was to be staged at the Joburg Theatre featuring South African singer PJ Powers, has been postponed until further notice.

PJ PowersPJ Powers: Thank you fans“The show [has been] postponed because of the growth it saw during rehearsals,” explained John van Grinsven, the chief executive of Showtime Management Australia, which was putting on the musical.

It included 27 songs and the creative team needed more time to work, he added.

“Sadly, because of the way creative team members in the entertain industry all have other commitments to fulfil in the immediate future, it has proven necessary to postpone the show indefinitely.”

Van Grinsven, who is also the co-director, said they could not extend everyone’s working hours, take shortcuts and reduce the number of dress rehearsal to meet the quality required of the production. “We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to people who had booked for these performances.”

Once everyone was confident with the performance and ready for the audience, the show would be back on stage. “We took on something bigger with this show than we originally envisaged. We’ll re-group as soon as we can.”

PJ Powers, the local singer who was to perform as Springfield, the British soul singer, has thanked her fans for the advance ticket sales for the show.

And Bernard Jay, the chief executive of the Joburg Theatre, has urged patrons who have already bought tickets for the show to contact the theatre’s ticketing office for a full refund on 011 877 6853/4.

The show was scheduled to be at The Fringe from 26 January to 12 February.

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