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All motorists on the toll roads will be tolled, but they need not have an e-tag. Getting one, however, gives them discounts.
MOTORISTS that use the e-toll roads are not obliged to buy e-tags, says the South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral).

It is not compulsory for road users to buy an e-tag for Gauteng’s e-tolling. “Registering with an e-tag is optional. Road users are therefore not forced to buy an e-tag but are encouraged to obtain one to enjoy the cost-saving benefits available to e-tag users,” it explains.

E-tags offer road users protection against licence plate cloning, as e-tags cannot be cloned. An e-tag is linked to one specific vehicle and can only be used with that vehicle.

According to the Sanral website, road users can register for Gauteng e-tolling using their South African identity or passport number, physical and postal addresses, contact details, account payment details, vehicle licence plate number, and make and model of vehicle.

Users are warned not to provide their banking details to anyone as there are several payment options, including cash or electronic funds transfer (EFT), which they can choose to set up their e-toll account.

An e-tag, which is linked to the e-toll account, is optional and can be chosen by the motorist, but getting one does qualify the motorist for e-tolling discounts. These include a 48 percent e-tag discount and frequent user discounts.

E-toll tariffs have also been capped at R550 a month for motorcycles and light motor vehicles that are registered with an e-tag.

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