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​According to a statement by the Speaker, Cllr Conny Bapela, the DA had written a letter requesting an investigation into Mfikoe’s alleged misconduct. Attached to it was another “unsigned” letter detailing the alleged misdemeanours. The letter was referred to the Ethics Committee, which in turn requested Advocate Browde SC to investigate.
Mfikoe had earlier this year been accused by the Democratic Alliance (DA) of using municipal-owned entity City Parks’ funds to buy herself birthday and Valentine’s Day presents. She had also been accused of throwing a birthday party and having a cosmetic makeover at the entity's expense.
“In the course of his investigation, [Browde] interviewed numerous officials from City Parks, members of the DA and MMC Mfikoe. Throughout his investigation, all officials expressed the highest regard for Cllr Mfikoe and no official alleged intimidation or coercion by the councillor. Furthermore, the commissioner consistently requested the DA to provide supporting information or names of individuals he could interview. To date, he has yet to receive substantive information from the DA.”
In his report to the Ethics Committee, Advocate Browde said there is no evidence of any misconduct on the part of MMC Mfikoe and I recommend that the complaint be dismissed.”
The Ethics Committee tabled Browde’s report to the council and recommended that the allegations against Mfikoe be dismissed. The council accepted the recommendations.
“The City of Johannesburg welcomes the decision by the Integrity Commissioner, the Ethics Committee and council on the exoneration of Cllr Mfikoe of all allegations,” said Bapela in her statement.
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