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The Joburg metro police was joined by City officials and members of the Pimville community at a moving roadside ceremony.
A CROSS was placed at the side of the road yesterday to mark the spot where Thembeleni Khubone, the Johannesburg metro police officer, died last week.

Thembeleni KhuboneThembeleni Khubone will be missed by fellow officersKhubone was shot dead in the early hours of 25 April, while on his way to work. He was remembered in a moving ceremony on 2 May, held at the spot on the corner of Bhele and Mkhombe streets.

Matshidiso Mfikoe, the City’s portfolio head of safety, reassured the family and the community of Pimville who had gathered to pay their respects. Everything would be done to ensure that Khubone’s killers would be caught, she said.

“We are committed that police will turn all stones. We will do everything we can do to sort out the killers and ultimately find them, even if it means going to the end of the Earth,” said a visibly angry Mfikoe.

She urged community members to come forward if they knew something that could be helpful, while asking them to stop gossiping and spreading lies as this would confuse the investigation. “Let us as the community help the law take its course.”

Her advice to the killers was to confess before her department’s anger boiled over.

Police officers were encouraged to keep their heads up and continue with their calling, although it may look like a thankless job. “We are a team. We walk together and we will win the battle of ensuring safety even for the community that appears thankless, because this is a calling for us,” she said.

MMC Matshidiso Mfikoe lays a wreath to rember Thembeleni KhuboneMMC Matshidiso Mfikoe lays a wreath to remember Thembeleni KhuboneAlso at the memorial was the chief of the metro police, Chris Ngcobo. He was visibly upset, and said investigations into the killing were under way. He was satisfied so far with the good job that was being done.

A cross was placed on the side of the road in memory of Khubone. His fellow officers then sang hymns and paid their last respects by saluting the cross and placing flowers. From there, they marched to Khubone’s house on Dube Street, just a few metres away.

Khubone was killed next to the home of Jabulile Mamiki, an old woman who lives with her children and grandchildren. Explaining what happened that morning, Mamiki said she heard two gunshots, followed by a few seconds pause, before another five gunshots went off. “I was scared to get up and check what was happening,” she recalled.

It was when she heard a loud cry – from Khubone’s wife – that she decided to finally put her fear aside and go outside. Her daughter had also just left for work. “I thought it was her crying,” she said. Since the shooting they did not feel safe, she added, because even the people they ran to for help were being brutally killed.

After the ceremony, the officers went to a memorial service at the metro police headquarters, which was attended by Faith Mazibuko, the Gauteng MEC for community safety.

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