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​The schedule for meter reading for the year has been released by City Power, making it possible to plan for the readers’ visits.
CITY Power has released its meter-reading schedules for the year, which means Joburg residents will know when their electricity meters will be read. The meter reading dates are available online on the City Power and City of Joburg websites.

Electricity charges depend on the readings done by City Power’s contractors. Because of security concerns, meter readers have City Power identity cards and residents are encouraged to ask to see their readers’ cards should they feel concerned.

If the reader cannot gain access to your property to read your meter, the price on your bill will be based on an interim reading, which is an estimate based on average previous usage. This means that there are two possible outcomes when the reader does get to your meter:

You will have used more electricity than estimated, and as a result your next bill will be higher; or
You will have used less electricity than estimated and consequently, your next account will be credited.
The Joburg Connect call centre can also be contacted for more information and help on 011 375 5555, option two.

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