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Boom gates and access control around suburbs are under review, and the council has invited public input on its draft changes.
THE council will soon open for public consultation and comment its approved draft of its reviewed Security Access Restriction (SAR) policy. It includes procedures to be followed when applying for the right to erect boom gates in suburbs.

Members of the public are urged to read the document and give their input and suggestions, which will contribute to the value of the policy in meeting their requirements. The public consultations will begin in coming weeks, although no dates have been confirmed yet.

The policy was reviewed to ensure compliance with the Gauteng Rationalisation of Local Government Affairs Act as well as to help identify gaps in the current policy.

Nthatisi Modingoane, the City’s deputy director of communications, explains: “The SAR policy outlines the procedures and processes to be followed by members of the public when applying for a right to erect restriction of access for security reasons in residential neighbourhoods and business areas.”

Joburg’s City’s policy was first approved by the council on 17 April 2003 after a panel of experts researched issues relating to it. However, after noticing gaps and issues of non-compliance with the Act, the policy was reviewed.

This reviewed draft policy clearly outlines issues to be taken into consideration when assessing an application and provisions relating to the terms and conditions of an authorisation or approval. Some of the critical changes in the reviewed draft policy include:

A definition section that explains and interprets words used in the policy has been included;
Guidelines as to the application of the provisions of the Act are provided;
The required percentage of support by residents for an application has been aligned to that required by the Act, which is two thirds;
Procedures to be followed after an application has been received, as well as relevant timeframes, are clearly set;
How meetings with the police for determining the merits of an application should be conducted is set out; and
The issue relating to a required percentage of support for the extension of a valid access restriction has been omitted.
This policy is in line with Joburg 2040, the city’s Growth and Development Strategy (GDS) for the next three decades. It is a guideline for the City to build a local authority that is engaged, responsive, accountable, efficient and productive.

It was developed as a long-term strategy to tell a coherent story about Joburg’s growth path. The GDS has a five-year review cycle, which is necessary for the City to capture trends and assess progress.

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