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​ This was during the region’s launch of the Integrated and Visible Service Delivery programme, an initiative the City has devised to address service delivery breakdowns.
The multi-disciplinary approach assures the community of the City’s commitment to a unified approach to dealing with issues of services due to them. 
The way in which the initiative has been structured makes responsible departments accountable for their actions.  As a result, neglect or dereliction of duty by officials is easily detected and promptly dealt with.
The launch was attended by, among others, Region F Group Head: Urban Management and Citizens Relationship Management, Nathi Mthethwa, ward councilors and officials from the MMC’s office.
After the conclusion of the formal proceedings, held at the Yeoville Recreation Centre, Mfikoe and the rest of the guests – clad in workwear and with tools in hand – took to the streets of the suburb to rid the neighbourhood of grime.
Mfikoe spent most part of the day sweeping the streets and sidewalks, picking up refuse and ensuring that services are restored. Water leakages were stopped, street lights fixed and trees obscuring traffic lights pruned during the campaign.
Mfikoe did not hesitate to reprimand community members who were contravening bylaws. For example, she advised a young man washing a car in the street that next time he should do it at a designated carwash facility as streets were not built for such activity. Organised business was not spared her ire either. She said it was imperative for businesses to uphold the City’s bylaws.
Said Mthethwa: “Extensive bylaw education has to be conducted to sensitise the community to the fact that the City will not tolerate bad behavior as this ultimately affects public infrastructure and the environment.”
Through its Joburg 2040 Vision, the City seeks to build sustainable a neighbourhood that protects its resources for future generations and a city built to last and offers a healthy, clean and safe environment.
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