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In the run up to Africa Day, the Yeoville Recreation Centre is hosting the African Film Festival, with free screenings of African films.
ASERIES of films from around Africa is being screened at the Yeoville Recreation Centre to celebrate Africa Day.

The films explore AfricaThe films explore AfricaThe African Film Festival runs until Friday, 27 May. Screenings are at 5.30pm and 7.30pm every day and films from Burkina Faso, Mali, Ivory Coast and Democratic Republic of Africa are being shown to the public for free.

The festival is organised by the Yeoville Bellevue Community Development Trust, Yeovue News and African Diaspora Forum. Maurice Smithers, the executive director of the trust, said the festival would be fun and insightful, giving people a chance to explore Africa.

"These are very good quality films that reflect the best of African cinema," said Smithers. "It will be a great opportunity for people to see what is happening in other parts of Africa."

Africa Day is recognised on 25 May each year to mark the anniversary of the birth of the Organisation of African Unity. For further information about the film festival, contact Aura Msimang-Berton on 072 637 6355 or the community trust on 011 487 0269.

The films that will be screened at Yeoville Recreation centre this week are:

Name of film Date Time
Buud Yam (Burkina Faso) 24 May 5.30pm
Piece d'Identites (DRC) 24 May 7.30pm
Guimba-Un Tyran, Une Epoque (Mali) 25 May 5.30pm
Buud Yam (Burkina Faso) 25 May 7.30pm
Tilai (Burkina Faso) 26 May 5.30pm
Guimba-Un Tyran, Une Epoque (Mali) 26 May 7.30pm
Au Nom du Christ (Ivory Coast) 27 May 5.30pm
Tilai (Burkina Faso) 27 May 7.30pm

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