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A multi-pronged team of officials from the City of Johannesburg and its entities visited Region B’s ward 86 under the Service Delivery Outreach Programme on Friday to ensure bylaw adherence and that service delivery breakdowns were effectively and speedily addressed.

Comprising officials from the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department, Pikitup, Environmental Health, Johannesburg Roads Agency, City Power, Emergency Management Services and Johannesburg Water, the Integrated Visible Service Delivery (IVSD) team found several service delivery discrepancies and shortfalls, particularly in and around the Maraisburg area, on the western side of Johannesburg.

These included businesses not adhering to health and safety bylaws, the improper storage of goods, littering and leaking water outlets. The problems were promptly attended to by workers from the relevant municipal-owned entities.

Urban Inspector Kelebogile Dunn said the IVSD exercise was aimed at ensuring that services in the area were brought to acceptable levels.

“Using a multi-entity approach ensures that the identified breakdowns are timeously attended to and that the overall service level is improved,” said Dunn.
The operation’s main focus was on businesses along the main arterial roads.

“We focused on the adherence to the City’s bylaws to ensure businesses are licensed, comply with fire safety recommendations, adhere to health guidelines, including food expiry dates, and cleanliness of food preparation areas,” she added.

City officials also handed out information leaflets to residents and business owners to inform them about the City’s services, road safety, recycling initiatives and environmental cleanliness as well as who to contact should there be any service delivery challenges.

Dunn said the City also relied on its residents to be actively engaged and to log service delivery failures.

“As active citizens who live, work and play in the City, you need to get involved and be the ears and eyes of the City. That way you can hold local government officials accountable for service delivery,” Dunn told the residents.

To log a service delivery shortfall, contact the City’s Call Centre on 0860 562 874, log onto or email

The City is also available on Facebook at City of Johannesburg or via Twitter @CityofJoburgZA​