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Executive Mayor, Mpho Parks Tau will deliver his State of the City Address (SoCA) on Monday 14 April. The SoCA is an annual address by the mayor in which he reports on the status of the City and outlines priorities for the year ahead.

The speech marks the opening of the City council and is usually attended by important political, business and civic leaders. 
The speech will be broadcast live on Lesedi FM, Ukhozi FM and ten community radio stations. It will also be beamed live at public viewing areas which have been set up in regions across the city. Read More

The mayor uses his address to bring residents, City staff and civic leaders together to reflect on City accomplishments from the past year and to review plans for the future.

As the country marks 20 years of democracy and with National and Provincial Elections looming, the mayor is expected to pay particular attention to progress made in increasing access to services. Over the past two decades, the City has made strides in providing basic services to communities previously neglected by successive apartheid councils.

Last year, the mayor used his SoCA to introduce the concept of Corridors of Freedom to bridge the economic and social gulf which resulted from apartheid planning. The mayor might therefore talk to progress the City has made in putting turning this concept from idea to practice.

Johannesburg is the economic hub of the continent and often plays a pioneering role in charting new frontiers of development. The mayor’s SoCA thus receives much media coverage and attention from various sectors of society. Speeches.

State of the City address 2013

The Executive Mayor Mpho Parks Tau delivered the annual State of the City Address on Thursday, 09 May 2013 at 11am.

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