Call for Public Comment on Inner City Managed Lanes

Call for Public Comment on Inner City Managed Lanes

In a new move to provide high-quality, safe, accessible, affordable and environmentally friendly public transport, the City of Johannesburg is conducting a feasibility study on managed lanes in a number of streets in the inner city.

Managed lanes give public transport and pedestrians top priority. Member of the Mayoral Committee for Transport Councillor Christine Walters says as part of the City’s Growth and Development Strategy 2040 (GDS 2040), ease of movement for residents is crucial. This is what, she says, has prompted the development of the Corridors of Freedom, multimillion-rand investments in cycling and pedestrian lanes and the extension of the Rea Vaya bus rapid transit (BRT) system.
“The recently ended EcoMobility World Festival gave us a glimpse into the future. That is why the City has to move with urgency to address the acute congestion in our streets as that poses a challenge to economic competitiveness and quality of life.

“The most effective long-term solution is to cut the time commuters spend sitting in traffic by offering improved public transport, reduce the number of single-occupant vehicles and introduce changed land-use planning,” says MMC Walters. The City’s Transport Department, which is overseeing the study, says some of the advantages of managed lanes is higher travel speeds, which reduces time spent on the road; greater access to work and leisure centres; efficient use of resources; on-time performance and reliability and improved air quality and decreased greenhouse gas emissions associated with traffic congestion.

The affected streets are Miriam Makeba, Eloff, Jorissen, De Korte, Lilian Ngoyi, Rahima Moosa, Albertina Sisulu, Commissioner, Mooi and Troye. 
As part of the City’s inclusive and transparent governance, a public information session will be held at Metro Centre in Braamfontein on November 19. 
A copy of the study and the preliminary drawings of each of the affected streets can be downloaded here. Documents will be available at the Yeoville and Hillbrow public libraries, as well as at the Braamfontein and Bertha Solomons recreational centres and the CJ Cronje Building. 
The documents will also be available on the 12th Floor, Technical Coordination Department, at Metro Centre. Residents are invited to comment or object to the proposed managed lanes.

This should be done within 30 days from the date of publication of the notice in newspapers.
Comments and objections can be sent to the Executive Director: Transport PO Box 31923, Braamfontein, 2000, hand-delivered on the 12th Floor, Technical Coordination Department at Metro Centre in or emailed to"

Detailed designs

Albertina Sisulu 







De Korte

Troy and Mooi

Eloff and Mirriam

Raised intersection

PT Stop

Sidewalk width

Typical bus shelter on Eloff

Final Figures

Figure 1.1 study area

Figure 2.13 Traffic count locations

Figure 2.14 Tom Tom street sections

Figure 4.1 Firsts concepts

Figure 4.2 Final concepts Layout 

Figure 4.2.1 Final concepts Layout 1

Figure 4.2.2 Final concepts Layout 2

Figure 4.2.2 Final concepts Layout 2

Figure 4.2.4 Final concepts Layout 4

Figure 5.1 On street parking

Figure 6.1 - SATURN Model Study Area


Annexture A

ANNEXURE A - JICTTS Multi Modal CBD Transportation Plan

ANNEXURE B1 - Trader Plan - Trade_L4

ANNEXURE B2 - Consolidated Public Transport & Informal Trading Plan

ANNEXURE B3 - Comparion of Streets

ANNEXURE C – Completed Site Assessment sheets

ANNEXURE E - TomTom Stats

Annexure J - BRT-JMPD Law enforcement Operations plan 01 October 2013 ongoing

Annexture D

P1 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Jorrisen & Bertha

P2 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Jorrisen & Harrison

P3 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - De Korte & Harrison

P4 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - De Korte & Bertha

P5 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Bree & Ntemi Piliso

P6 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Bree & Rissick

P7 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Bree & Eloff

 P8 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Bree & Troye

P9 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Bree & Mooi

P10 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Jeppe & Mooi

P11 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Jeppe & Troye

P12 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Jeppe & Eloff

P13 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Jeppe & Rissikf

P14 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Jeppe & Ntemi Piliso

P15 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Market & Ntemi Piliso

P16 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Market & Harrison

P17 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Market & Eloff

P18 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Market & Troye

P19 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Market & Mooi

P20 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Commisioner & Mooi

P21 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Commisioner & Troye

P22 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Commisioner & Eloff

P23 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Commisioner & Harrison

P24 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Commisioner & Ntemi Piliso

P25 - 4W-WD-AM-PM-Class - Ghandi Square

Annexture F

AM Peak Set - Average Speed

AM Peak Set - Travel Time

Base Set - Average Speed

Base Set - Travel Time

PM Peak Set - Average Speed

PM Peak Set - Travel Time

Annexture G

ANNEXURE G - Final Concepts-Albertina S & Commissioner

ANNEXURE G - Final Concepts-Bree & Jeppe

ANNEXURE G - Final Concepts-Eloff

ANNEXURE G - Final Concepts-Harrison & Rissik

ANNEXURE G - Final Concepts-Jorrisen & De Korte

ANNEXURE G - Final Concepts-Ntemi Piliso & Miriam Makeba

ANNEXURE G - Final Concepts-Troye & Mooi

Annexture H

H1 - Minutes of Stakeholder Consultation Meeting on Conceptual Designs of Managed Lanes


H3 - Stakeholder Comment - MBT - JBBSSW

Annexture I

Base Model


03 Figure Summary Results_BASE_AM&PM


Updated with Traders


Comp Base-Traders-Delay AM PEAK

Comp Base-Traders-Delay PM PEAK

Figure Summary Results_TRADERS-DELAYS_AM&PM