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Big boost as City grants school a sports facility lease

The City of Johannesburg approved at its April council meeting on Thursday 30 April the granting of a lease of the hill to The Hill High School to be used as a clubhouse for sports and recreation purposes.

The property, in southern Johannesburg, consists of a clubhouse, two tennis courts and three basketball courts, all of which are dilapidated.

The property was previously leased at a nominal fee of R49 a month for nine years and 11 months to the Protea Vic Tennis Club. The club has since vacated the premises.

It was on that basis that The Hill High School, situated on the adjacent property, together with the local community, proposed joint responsibility. The lease agreement will be in the name of The Hill High School for the period of nine years and 11 months at a monthly rental of R1 500, with an 8% annual increase.

Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Economic Development Councillor Ruby Mathang supported DA councillor Dennis Jane when he said the move would assist in preventing the property from being vandalised, making it a safe and user-friendly community asset. In terms of the agreement, The Hill High School will be responsible for all the property’s refurbishment and maintenance costs. There will, therefore, be no financial implications for the City as a result of the lease.

The council meeting also approved the transfer of closed roads in what was formerly known as the Johannesburg College of Education to the University of Witwatersrand. They include Connaught Road, St Patrick Avenue, Princess of Wales Terrace, Queens Road, St Georges Road and the lane between stands 164 and 167, east of Queens Road, in Parktown.

According to a report presented to the Mayoral Committee on March 5, the university will be responsible for all costs resulting from the amendment of the council’s resolutions, as well as the maintenance of the property.

There will, therefore, be no financial implications for the City. The university will, on the other hand, be liable for the payment of assessment rates and service charges, as well as zoning and legal costs.
Furthermore, this transaction will assist the Johannesburg Property Company (JPC), the City’s property arm, to achieve its main objectives, which are to:

Manage property assets on behalf of the City and ensure that the property value is enhanced by increasing revenue and promoting investment in its properties;
Enhance the efficiency of the properties approved while at the same time maintaining them; and
Ensure that there is creation of jobs for the residents of the City.