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In line with its ongoing efforts to keep abreast of residents’ needs and expectations, the City of Johannesburg’s Citizen Relationship and Urban Management (CRUM) in Region C on Monday deployed a strong, integrated multi-departmental team to Ward 83 to tackle some of the challenges ratepayers face on a daily basis.

The initiative, held under the City’s Integrated Community Outreach Programme (ICOP), will be repeated in the region throughout the rest of the week.

Led by Regional Director Mlamleli Belot, the team scoured the vast area, in Roodepoort West, with a view to ensuring that service-delivery breakdowns were satisfactorily attended to. Johannesburg City Parks & Zoo employees could be seen rooting out alien vegetation along Wilgerood Road.

Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) workers fixed several kerb inlets damaged by rainwater, renewed signage and repainted roadmarkings. City Power attended to various electricity-related issues, including concerns surrounding streetlights that remain switched on even during the day. JMPD officers focused on bylaw enforcement, read the riot act to overzealous street vendors and controlled traffic along Wilgerood and Ontdekkers roads.

A number of CRUM officials also set up shop along Wilgerood Road to hand out important contact numbers and informational pamphlets to residents, and to offer them advice on a range of municipal-related issues. Other officials responded to queries and complaints over load-shedding, load-limiting and billing, to name a few.

“Most importantly, the time we spent on the ground also gave us the chance to rub shoulders with residents and learn first-hand what their particular service delivery-related problems were, so we could help to speedily sort them out,” said Belot.