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The City of Johannesburg’s Executive Mayor, Herman Mashaba, revisited Zandspruit on 6 November 2018 to update the community on the City’s plans for the electrification and development of the township.

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The mayor had visited Zandspruit on 19 October 2018 where he discussed with the community their concerns regarding the safe electrification of the area. This after the saddening news of the passing of two children who died after they were exposed to illegal electricity connections in the area.

The mayor said that this community had sought assistance from the previous administration, but was met with false promise and inaction. He was able to convince the Council to admit a report on Zandspruit as an urgent item, despite the Council’s programme already being closed. 

Council resolved to make the original Zandspruit occupants the beneficiaries and make the list of allocated beneficiaries that reside in Zandspruit extensions 83 to 85 public.  Council also resolved to make budget available during the next budget adjustment cycle. 

Municipal entities will be instructed to provide support to the overall Zandspruit development process and a JMPD satellite station will be set up to ensure the safety of residents. 

The urban boundaries report will also be brought to Council for consideration to help decanting. 

“Council also resolved to fast track Eskom towards achieving an agreement of electrification of Zandspruit,” said Mayor Mashaba. 

“On the issue of electricity, the previous administration failed to submit the necessary applications for the electrification of the township, and as a result, national government’s budget for electrifying the area was rolled over for a number of years. In September this year, however, we submitted the necessary applications to begin the process of providing electrification to the area.” 

The mayor is awaiting a letter he sent to the Minister of Home Affairs, Malusi Gigaba, regarding the residents’ request to have an audit of the community to ensure undocumented persons are properly processed. 

Although no response has yet been received, the Mayor said he will continue to attempt to engage the Minister on this point.