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Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo, in partnership with Eco Nars Projects, unveiled eco-friendly and self-sustainable ablution facilities at the Donald Mackay Park in Berea this week. 

The global call for dignified and available toilets the world over was observed on 19 November 2018. 

More than 4.5 billion people worldwide do not have access to clean sanitation. The City of Johannesburg is facing a challenge of not having enough public toilets in its parks. The eco-friendly toilets will help bring back the dignity and safety to residents. 

The eco-friendly toilets features will help reduce the impact on the City’s highly pressurised water system. The toilets have a comprehensive water solution using an onsite water tank that flushes the toilets without using the City’s water system. 

The toilet facilities includes a digester, which converts solids into compost that can be used for food gardening. The public toilets are also fitted with solar lights and double up as extra security for residents using the facilities. 

The ablution facilities have easy access for disabled people and have 24-hour solar-powered surveillance cameras to ensure residents safety. 

The partnership between Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo and Eco Nars Projects will also create jobs for residents of the inner city. Cleaners, security personnel and gardeners will be employed to sustain the facility. 

The security in parks is also important for safe guarding infrastructure, stop opportunistic crime and drug and alcohol abuse. It will also create a child-friendly environment where families will feel safe. 

In order to use the facilities, residents will only pay R2. Senzo Buthelezi from Eco Nars said they were charging for the use of the facility. “Psychologically people look after things they pay for.” 

The City of Johannesburg has 58 parks in the inner city. Edgar Neluvhalani, City Parks and Zoo’s Board Chairperson, said the City is committed to ensuring that residents have access to safe public spaces that are family friendly. “We are taking back public spaces one park at a time.”