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​As part of ensuring workers’ and residents’ safety, 242 Pikitup truck drivers have successfully completed a defensive driving course. 

“The objective of this training is to empower Pikitup drivers to prevent and avoid accidents in the congested streets of the City of Johannesburg.

Our drivers navigate hundreds of kilometers a month and need to be highly focused,” said Muzi Mkhwanazi, Pikitup spokesperson.

The free defensive driving course offered to Pikitup employees was made possible through a partnership agreement between Pikitup, City of Johannesburg’s waste management entity, and the Road Accident Fund (RAF), which covered the R150 000 three-day course.  

Pikitup drivers also acquired the following skills:  
Driving in a manner that uses safe driving strategies to identify road hazards in a predictable manner; 
Anticipating potential accident situations and making informed decisions to avoid accidents; 
Overcoming negative psychological factors such as unneeded stress, fatigue, emotional distress and road rage; and  
Instructions for developing a positive attitude behind the wheel and increasing their focus on the driving task.

The 242 Pikitup drivers who completed the training are additional to the 1 100 public drivers that have already received the defensive driving training offered by RAF. 

RAF is offering the training as part of its pro-active strategy to enable drivers to avoid road accidents and reduce crash payments.