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Surprise Khoza, a town planning intern at the Department of Development Planning, is hosting a one-day art exhibition on Freedom Day to debunk stereotypes associated with people living with albinism.

The exhibition opens at 12pm on Saturday, 27 April 2019, in Orlando East, Soweto, adjacent to the City’s Customer Service Centre.

“The slaughtering, kidnaping, chopping and butchering of people with albinism is a problem that needs to be solved in our society,” says Khoza.

Dubbed #TheMyth, Khoza’s exhibition aims to dispel misconceptions about people living with albinism. He hopes the exhibition will offer attendees the opportunity to question their perceptions on albinism and raise awareness about the widespread genetic disorder in which the affected person produces little or no melanin in their skin. 

An 8m artwork depicting atrocities of people living with albinism will form part of the Freedom Day exhibition.

“As a person living with a disability, art is a medium to resist and counter the inaccurate and appalling misperceptions within our society about people living with disabilities,” he says.

Khoza hopes his exhibition will change attitudes about people living with albinism. “The public should shake off and reduce their misunderstandings, misinterpretations, discriminations, misperceptions and isolation of people living with albinism,” he adds.

Some ill-informed people believe that albino body parts contain superstitious components, which can help enrich or heal them from diseases.

To check out the #TheMyth, RSVP with Surprise Khoza on 083 991 6900 / 072 125 8797; alternatively email