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​​The City of Johannesburg held an induction ceremony for the boards of our Municipal-Owned Entities (MOEs) yesterday.

Addressing the newly inducted board members, the City of Johannesburg's Executive Mayor, Cllr Herman Mashaba, thanked them for accepting the huge responsibility of ensuring residents' needs come first.

“I wish to begin by thanking every individual who has accepted the task of forming part of the board of directors of our municipal-owned entities. Yours is a call to service to the 5 million residents of the greatest city in Africa.

“This City and its 5 million people depend on you to maintain constant vigilance over the assets and finances of the municipal owned entities you will be looking over. The dreams and aspirations of every inhabitant of Johannesburg rest on your shoulders, therefore, you dare not fail," said Mayor Mashaba.

He assured the board members of the fullest support from his office as well as the multi-party government.

“If you do this well, you will continuously enjoy the fullest support of my office and the multi-party government as a whole but if you fail to act with integrity, we will not think twice to remove you from your positions.  Under no circumstance can we afford to have boards that act unethically and against good corporate governance.

“But as politicians in charge of running the City, we must also undertake not to place those tasked with managing our entities in a compromising position by forcing them to act illegally," he concluded.

All board members were required to sign shareholder compacts, which are an essential score card and through which the City will ensure they meet all deliverables.