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This past Thursday, 30 May 2019, the MMC for Group Corporate and Shared Services, Councillor Dr Ntombi Khumalo hosted girls who are children of City of Johannesburg (CoJ) employees as part of the “Take a Girl Child to work" initiative, a platform for organisations to empower and motivate young girls in South Africa. 

CoJ officials were encouraged to bring the girls to the workplace and have the girls shadow an official who works in the line of work they are interested in. In the afternoon, the MMC hosted a session where senior female officials of the City spoke to the girls. A business speaker and coach was also on hand to deliver motivation and advice.

 ​Speaking during the session, the MMC said: “The City aims to expose these girls to the workplace, provide career information and advice to enable them to make informed academic and career decisions".

At the mini buffet organised for the girls, speaker after speaker encouraged the girls to take their education seriously and be responsible citizens.   

In wrapping up the proceedings, MMC Khumalo thanked all those who took their time to participate. 

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the girls who visited city offices across entities and departments. I further wish to extend a word of gratitude to all the city employees who brought their children to work today. Lastly I want to thank all the officials who made today's event a success", she said.