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A series of activations have started in all seven regions of Johannesburg to educate especially vulnerable communities about HIV/Aids and to improve access to counselling, prevention and treatment programmes. 

The main event to mark the World Aids Day will be held on Saturday, 30 November 2019, in Soweto at 1211 Mwazi Street, Mofolo, from 9am. The event will be held in partnership with Self Help Association of Paraplegics.

It will be attended by government departments, members of civil society, metro/district Aids council members and members of the community.  

The theme of the 2019 World Aids Day campaign is: “Communities make the difference – Cheka Impilo”. 

The target group is the youth; vulnerable groups in high-risk wards with high HIV prevalence; and key populations such as the LGBTI community, sex workers, persons with disabilities, orphan and vulnerable children, adolescent girls and young women and high-risk men.

Dialogues will be held in all City of Johannesburg regions with audiences regarding the “blesser/blessee” phenomenon. The phenomenon can be described as a form of transactional sex, which has a number of similarities with prostitution, as it involves non‐marital sexual relationships, often with multiple partners, in exchange for financial or in‐kind incentives. The relationship is often referred to as the ‘sugar daddy’ relationship.

The City’s activities include:
Door-to-door education, condom distribution and health screening. 
Dialogues with the objective of addressing the blesser/blessee phenomenon. 
Each region will conduct conversations with 60 adolescent girls, boys and young women focusing on the blesser/blessee phenomenon
Disable People of South Africa (DPSA) event 
Pregnancy screen tests, TB screening, information, education and communication   material distribution and health education.