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To round off transport month, the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) Regional Operations held a service delivery blitz in Region F today, 22 October 2019.  

The blitz, which forms part of transport month calendar activities, means visible service delivery on road service defects in a chosen area.

Teams from surrounding depots joined in the activities of the day, which consisted mainly of reinstatements, road patching and blocked storm water drains. 

Teams were welcomed by the Ward Councillor Refilwe Mazibuko, with Acting Ops Manager Regional Operations for Region F, Mr Puleng Mokgohloa, who outlined the main issues in the area and stated how reinstatements form the bulk of backlog in Region F.  

Head of Regional Operations Mr Muziwandile Nkonyane gave an overview of the challenges faced in the Region. “The purpose of today is to deal with the backlog we have due to the high number of service requests in reactive maintenance in this Region. 

“This region is inundated with service requests, about 5 000 of which come from Joburg Water alone, in a year. Already in the first quarter of this financial year (19/20), we have received more than 850 service requests only in this region, this indicates that our infrastructure is being dug every day.”

According to the number of service requests, it is evident that Region F has faced some challenges in recent months, though there is a lot the JRA is doing in the region, there is still a lot to be done. 

According to Mokgohloa, the soft spot for this region would be the highest number of reinstatements to be done. 

Nkonyane argued that although there are teams who work hard in this region, the City might not have the correct number of personnel to match the number of service requests we receive. 

“We have a number of initiatives that we are looking at as the executive of the entity, such as the capacity constraints, capacity in numbers of employees and skills we possess within our regional operations. I think if the MD was here, he would concur that region F has a lot of challenges, but we want to analyse and see what is required here against, the personnel that is required.” 

Teams made their way to Natal Street in Bellevue for reinstatements and onto Hendon Street to clean blocked storms water drains, which would form part of the preparation for the upcoming rainy season. 

Mokgohloa said: “The storm water drains on Hendon Street are always blocked and we get continued complaints about the blocked drains. Yeoville, Jeppestown and Hillbrow, it’s a daily challenge. We clean and get calls in a few days to come because there are blocked sewer connections.

“People throw things in the drains as they please. Naturally, we are supposed to come here twice a year if you have a proper plan, but due to the high number of requests, it has to be more.”

As a result of the insufficient staff complement, especially in Region F, they operate on reactive mode. Teams from various regions were placed in areas such as Booysens and Bertrams to do more reinstatements.​