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​While most people are still figuring out how to go about their New Year resolutions, there’s a man on a mission to transform the face of the City of Joburg.

Rotondwa Maphagela, the newly appointed Director of Marketing, started his career by knocking on people’s doors in Johannesburg west selling purified water.

Little did he know that it was preparing him for his current position: fostering relations between the City and residents.

“I had an opportunity to research about the different career paths before going to university, but I chose marketing. I love interacting with people, humanity and people in general, so choosing to pursue a career in marketing was a no brainer,” the 32-year-old recalls.

He went on to work, first for First National Bank and later for Standard Bank, climbing the corporate ladder from being a junior to a marketing executive. Armed with a BA, BA Honours in Communication, Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing, Certificate in Copyrighting and on the verge of completing a Master’s in Strategic Communications at Wits University, Rotondwa says he is looking forward to putting up social marketing campaigns that centre around Joburg residents.

“I was born and bred in Joburg, I have stayed in urban and impoverished townships, but most importantly, everywhere I stayed it was a community-based environment. I understand Joburg languages and the needs of residents. That puts me and the City in a better position to address those needs and challenges,” Rotondwa adds.
But why did he choose to join the City?

“I wanted to work for an organisation or institution that has executives who have rich experiences and are willing to share and empower young people like me. So the City of Joburg was an obvious choice,” he says with a smile.

Rotondwa and eight of his friends collect clothes and shoes each year and donate them to the needy at the end of each year. Besides the work that he is passionate about, Rotondwa says he enjoys spending time in his kitchen cooking and experimenting with new recipes.

“I’m not the best cook but cooking helps me to distress. I also like going to the gym and socialising with friends who happen to be mostly family members,” he says.

Written by Takalani Sioga